Can Vital beat Serum? – Free Vital Presets

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Serum the dream digital synth for every music producers over the last years. Serum was such a game-changer, providing a super modern and easy to understand UI. A super workflow, popular artists promoting it and loads of amazing preset packs contributed to the success of Serum.

This success did set a new standard for plugin developers in a relative short amount of time. New developers are on the look out and one result of that is the launch of Vital Synth.

What is Vital, is it worth it? Read it below!

Free presets

To start it off, we are giving away a pack of free Vital presets! Fill in the form below to get them in your mailbox. Wonder how they sound? Check the SoundCloud player above.

Make sure to get your free Serum Presets below!


Simple and accessible pricing for everyone, low as 5$ per month, a free version and a way to one-off pay for the plugin! For everyone there should be an option that suits you, I mean there is even a free version!

User interface

Modern and user friendly, with loads of visuals that give such an amazing extra dimension to your workflow.

The sound