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Samplicity are a team of sound designers and producers designing the highest quality samples for royalty free usage. We focus on creating samples, presets and more using the latest music technology hardware and software. We curate a wide range of samples, from R&B through to Chill and Electronic music.

The team

Jeffrey Muller


Jeffrey Muller is a music producer and music marketing enthusiast based in The Netherlands. After finishing his bachelor degree in music marketing he worked a various music industry start-ups. Not long after he decided to build that further on his own which resulted in Inside Audio – a content platform for musicians. Next to that he runs different marketing and e-commerce projects in the music industry with the latest addition Samplicity.

Brent March

Sound Design

Brent March is a UK based producer, composer and sound creator. Brent started creating and designing sounds whilst studying his bachelors in Jazz, Popular and Commercial music composition and production. To this day he has thousands of samples out in the world being distributed by top sample companies. His focus is now on developing boutique on trend sounds for Samplicity, using the latest music technology equipment.

Roel Van Der Krabben

Sound Design / Marketing

Roel is a Dutch music producer and sound designer. Classically schooled trumpet player but mostly a multi instrumentalist with a love for data and physics which come in quite handy with being a modernday producer. Can lose himself totally in tweaking small things but always seeing the overall part.

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