Free Piano MIDI Files (download link 2021)

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Working with MIDI files seems for some people like cheating, but in fact it can be used more as a source of inspiration. It all depends on the way you use it; do you copy it 1-1 or use it as inspiration and tweak it to your hand?

We from Samplicity feel that MIDI files should be available for producers that have a writer’s block or just struggle with finding the chords they need for the progression they are looking for.

Brent March shows you a small teaser of the Samplicity MIDI files

That’s why we have our ‘Off The Grid Keys’ pack which has loads of different progressions in different keys and BPM. This pack works really well with any piano sound you like!

Style of MIDI files from Samplicity

Some packs that have piano MIDI files are all quantized, which results on a static piano with not so much organic structure to it. In our Samplicity pack we made sure sounds have a natural off-grid structure, which still can be quantized to your preference in your DAW.

Download the files below to experience this for yourself and get those rhodes going!

Free Piano MIDI files

To give you a free teaser of this pack, we offer a few of them 100% free to use.

Fill in the form below to download your Free Piano MIDI files!