Lo-Fi Guitar Hooks

Well performed, recorded and on trend guitar samples aren’t easy to come by. This boutique collection of guitar hooks, phrases and riffs are ready to drop into any session. An inspiring collection recorded through Strymon pedals, Custom valve amp head and Fender, Dumble and Vox amp cabs using legendary mics such as the Neumann U87, Royer R121 and the Shure SM7B. Available in raw, processed and also mangled forms which push the envelope in terms of sound design and up-and-coming trends.







  • Size: 187 MB
  • Files: 55 WAV Files
  • Styles: R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Trap, Melodic House.
  • Inspirations: Issah Sharkey, Nile Rodgers, Childish Gambino.